Types of Performances

Shoshana performs for bachelorette parties. This is a fun way to learn some belly dance moves to add to a sensual wedding night!

Shoshana gives an hour lesson to the bride and her guests and then a performance by Shoshana. Inquire about adding Henna tattoo's
and tea leaf reading.

Shoshana's performance

Shoshana performs classic Egyptian cabaret dancing with veil and zills (includes audience participation.)

Group Performance

Two or more dancers. Choreography with use of all props listed below:
  • Tray dance (With lit candles) Balancing performance of brass tray with 20 illuminated candles
  • Sword Dance Balancing performance, dramatic balancing of Turkish sword.
  • Cane Dance Egyptian folkloric dancing.
  • Wings Elegant Wide spread silver wings beautiful when used in group number.

Be Advised

Shoshana respectfully declines bachelor parties.